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A Breakthrough in Carbon Reduction and Fossil /Bio-Fuel Enhancement is Here!

After eight years of development and testing, a radical innovation in fuel technology is now available. Based on 100-percent renewable organic (botanical) sources, this patented innovation now called Manna Fuel Catalyst (Manna)  is the solution to the growing problem of global warming and climate change caused by the accumulation of "greenhouse gases".

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Proven to cut toxic gas emissions from gasoline and diesel combustion engines and oil-fired furnaces by as much as 88% , the widespread application of Manna is expected to make a significant impact on the quality of the air we breathe, particularly in urban areas where the level of pollution is highest and potentially dangerous to the health of humans, animals and vegetation, as well as its immediate beneficial effect in reducing global carbon emissions to the desired levels with reference to the discussions made at the Kyoto Protocol and succeeding conferences, without preventing and limiting the industrialized countries like the United States of America, China, Japan, India, Korea, Russia and the European and Middle East countries from further using fossil fuel to energize their power plants, machineries, factories, refineries, ships, heavy equipments and  transportation facilities.  

As an added benefit and incentive to consumers who will use Manna, the product improves the internal combustion process through molecular cracking at very low temperature which will provide very considerable savings in fuel consumption, as well as lessen engine wear and tear - prolonging overall engine life and time between costly overhauls. Even more, the blend ratio is astonishing - as low as 1 ml. of Manna to 1000 ml. of petroleum fuel to become effective or 1:1000.  

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Manna is available as three separate fuel catalyst/enhancement products, each specially formulated for gasoline, diesel, bunker fuel oil and also a fourth, motor oil catalyst for optimizing engine lubricating oil. A special Manna herbal mix is also available for coal plants, LPG tanks and air conditioning units to neutralize or reduce the toxic gases produced in utilizing them.

The Challenge

Given the unhealthy air conditions and the global calamities resulting from the use of fossil fuels in our midst, we have all been hoping that someone (else) will do something about the problem, that a big government program or a mega-rich company will come up with the solution to this humongous mess. Until now,  there is nothing being offered to counter the imminent existence of a global catastrophe.  However, with the worldwide use of Manna, the solution will be in all of us, by greatly lessening the damaging effects of the continuous usage of fossil fuel. In effect, patronizing the usage of Manna is a global obligation, and should be an inherent duty for every human being living on earth to undertake as his participation to reduce environmental damage and give nature a fighting chance to regenerate sooner.

While it is true, the additional benefits mentioned earlier will save consumers money in terms of fuel savings, as well as engine maintenance and repairs, of utmost importance to consider is the priceless reward of cleaner air and a healthier life for ourselves and the succeeding generation. 

What's Happening Lately

As of January 2011, with the approval and release of the Certificates of Fuel Additive Registration (CFAR), we are in compliance with the requirements of the Philippine Department of Energy (DOE). The prerequisite Pre-Importation Notification (PMPIN) clearances from the DENR-EMB Department of Environment and Natural Resources - Environment Management Bureau (DENR-EMB) was approved and released in February 2010.

We became a corporation as of 2008 under the name Manna Hydro Bio-Energy Corporation and have established our office in Roxas District, Quezon City, Philippines (see Contact Us). We are now building a new high-capacity production plant in the lush Philippine countryside of Quirino Province to augment and eventually replace our Metro-Manila facilities. 

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